Friday, June 23, 2006

Dr. Polevoy explains why people who defame him are losers

It is amazing how search engines manage to find fragments of defamatory comments about Dr. Terry Polevoy. Attempts by individuals, especially those who are cancer quacks, to continue this attack against against Dr. Polevoy will be exposed here. For the most part, these cowards won't stand up and tell us who they really are.

For anyone who has suffered with cancer or other terminal illness knows, the family is always there for most people during their struggles. When grief turns to hate of the medical profession it becomes frightening to those of us who have never been part of their struggles. But, to attack anyone and everyone and paint them with the same brush as these people do is insane.

So, if you find defamatory comments about me or anyone else, please send me your thoughts privately. I will not allow posts here because these same idiots will just send more obsenity to the blog.

You are invited to also go to the Defamation & Libel Blogspot for further information.

Thanks very much for your support